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  • Safe Diamond - Water Purifier

    Vendor: Narayan X
    Safe, Pure & Germ Free Drinking Water
    Manufacturer: Safe Zone
    ₹ 12,750.00
    ₹ 10,999.00
    • Cabinet Material ABS

    • Storage Capacity 8-10 Litres

    • Production Capacity : 10-15 Lt. per hour

    • Filteration Level: 0.0001 Microns

    • Tank of SAN, Free of Metal & Infection

    In many areas, in-home drinking water filter is an absolute necessity. The parasite cryptosporidium is resistant to the chlorine used by treatment facilities to "disinfect" the water. Only high quality drinking water filters can block the micro-organism. In Milwaukee, the parasite was responsile for the death of over 100 people.

    People think that the government is going to protect them, but more and more they are telling us that we have to protect ourselves. The people who died in Milwaukee did not have a drinking water filter on their taps. It turned out that drinking unfiltered tap water was the cause of their illness.


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