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  • Safe Gold - Water Purifier

    Vendor: Narayan X
    Makes Your Life Pure
    Manufacturer: Safe Zone
    ₹ 13,600.00
    ₹ 12,550.00

    Cabinet/ Tank MaterialABS/ Foodgrade

    Production Capacity 10-15 Lt. Per Hour

    Storage Capacity 8-10 Ltr

    Filtration Level 0.0001 Microns

    Why RO System Needed?

    RUST, added pesticides, arsenic, fluoride, lead, heavy metals, excessive bacteria & viruses are impurities specially 'dissolved impurities' are generally present in tap water. As the problems of dissolved impurities are increasing, thankfully, so are the solutions. But the irony is most of the systems available in the market target only a few types of contaminants and are completely ineffective against other impurities specially 'dissolved impurities'.


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